“I reckon if you buy one bottle, you’ll go back for a case. Seriously Good”


Chrismont King Valley Riesling 2014

Chrismont Riesling

This may well be the best sub-$20 white wine buy in Australia right now.

I tasted this new release from Arnie Pizzini’s Chrismont winery in the King Valley of north-east Victoria a couple of weeks ago, just prior to its release. Arnie told me the recommended retail price is $18 but you can often find it cheaper, which is just incredible for a luminescent wine that leaps out of the glass with its youthful exuberance.

This has all the very attributes of young Riesling; it is floral and fresh with dashing citrus notes, zingy acidity and crisp minerality. It can be enjoyed on its own, or with a wide variety of dishes, and is probably best enjoyed while in the full flush of youth.

I reckon if you buy one bottle you’ll go back for a case. Seriously good.

Winsor Dobbin, Winsor